The service for TimerGPS-products

Step 1

Self service

Please check first if you can find any help from product support site.

Step 1

Step 2

Product warranty

Check if your device is still under warranty. If your device’s receipt is no longer stored, you can check the device’s serial number to see if the warranty is still valid. The warranty is 1 year from the date of purchase. How to read the serial number: A) Device version B) Manufacturing year C) Week of manufacture (week 6 in example) D) Random number serie
Step 2

Step 3

Check out the maintenance price list

  • Basic Maintenance 149 €
    The price includes: new battery, new shells, software upgrade and device cleaning
  • Basic Maintenance + screen replacement 179 €
    The price includes: new battery, new shells, software upgrade, device cleaning and screen replacement
Step 3

Step 4

Need more information?

If you need additional service information, you can contact by

  • Phone: +358 45 120 0990
  • Contact form: link at the bottom of the page
  • Email:
Step 4

Step 5

Send your device for service

1. Fill in and submit our electronic service form.

You will receive your own service number through the online service request. The number can be used in service messages, tracking of deliveries and, if necessary, service fees.

Go to the form

2. Send the device, your contact information and the service number in the package at:

Timer GPS Europe Oy
Automaatiotie 1
90460 Oulunsalo

Step 5
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