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Mises à jour de l'appareil

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Mise à jour des informations

TimerGPS + mise à jour logicielle: 2/2017 TimerGPS + Version: 02:02:07

  • Cette mise à jour résout certains problèmes d’appariement de l’ appareil.
  • Accouplement optimisé avec HR-Move
  • La localisation générale fixe.

Mise à jour du logiciel: Release: 11/2016 Version: v2.02.00 TimerGPS +

Ceci est une version majeure qui contient quelques – unes des caractéristiques les plus recherchés.

  • Amélioration de la convivialité des fonctions liées à la fréquence cardiaque
  • Mesure du pouls de récupération est ajouté après chaque exercice
  • Heart rate log now logs event name and start- and end heart rates
  • An option to disable heart rate functions has been added to the options menu
  • General bug fixes


TimerGPS+ Quick guide

The Quick Guide that comes with your device.

TimerGPS+ Manual

Full manual for TimerGPS+


First ensure that your device has been updated to the latest software version. You may have to enable heart rate monitoring after updating to version 2.02.00 (11/2016) or later. If your device is up to date, you can enable heart rate features from the device settings. (Main menu -> settings -> Heart rate ->  »ON »)

« Connect HRM » text means that the device is not paired to a heart rate sensor module. To pair the devices, you need both of the devices turned on. To turn on the heart rate module, it only need it to detect a valid heart rate. If the HR-Move is firmly fastened to the horse and the screen still only shows « Connect HRM », you can try to bring your devices close together.

Sometimes the problem may be that the heart rate module has not been properly activated. This is most commonly caused by poor conductivity between the girth and the horse’s heart. Some fixes for this case are moisturizing the conductive material(for example, with salt water) and/or if the horse has long hair, you could clip it from around the conductive material.

If the device is not damaged, the fault may lie in the device software being corrupted. In this case, it is recommended to contact technical support.

You can find instructions to update your device from the User guides -section of this page.

Before you send your device for repair, check the pricing and what can be done to it to avoid surprices. You can find instructions here: Maintenance

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