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Yes, this is true. Underhållstjänsten för T100-modellen måste avbrytas eftersom vi inte längre får reservdelar från komponenttillverkaren. Du kan byta T100 till en nyare TimerGPS-enhet. Ta kontakt med vårt säljteam!

It does not. The T100 model doesn’t contain a receiver for the heart rate module.

If the device is not damaged, the fault may lie in the device software being corrupted. In this case, it is recommended to contact technical support.

Check that the USB cable and charger are not damaged, by trying alternative cables and chargers.

There are no more updates for the T100 model, as the service for the model has been discontinued.

device UPDATES

There are no longer updates for TimerGPS T100.


No guides available for the TimerGPS T100.

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